Wild’s New Broken Deck – Giantlock


Life Tap… Life Tap…. Life Tap….. and… there’s 37 power on the board. There’s a new deck in Wild and it is absolutely terrifying to play against. Though it may seem innocuous, the drawing power of Kobold Librarian and the defensive power of Voidlord has filled in the gaps of Giantlock.

With the additional draw power, Giantlock is now able to more consistently find Naga Sea Witch and combine it with Giants like Clockwork Giant, Mountain Giant, and Molten Giant for an insane board on turn 5.

With the new Voidlord combined with Voidcaller, and the incredible clear from Defile, the deck is also capable of stopping Aggro in its tracks with the right pieces.

I’ve been iterating on this deck since the beginning of Kobolds and Catacombs, and the initial version got me to legend in the first season of the expansion. You can see the initial version here: https://twitter.com/_WildHS/status/939244951791067136, though I was missing Clockwork Giants at the time.

Since that time, many players have taken up the deck and it’s just starting to see a rise in popularity at higher ranks. This season I was able to pilot the following list to Legend.

Deck Code: AAEBAf0GBPoOxQTCD5fTAg3y0ALexALECK0Q58sCysMCtgeODt4W6OcCuRHhB9wKAA==

The Core Cards

The deck is primarily a combo deck looking to find Naga Sea Witch and Giants to combo with it.

Naga Sea Witch – Combined with the Cost Reduction of the Giants allows you to play Giants for free as soon as turn 5. If the opponent neglects to kill the Witch, you can play cards like Voidlord, Alexstrasza, or Bloodreaver Gul'dan to punish.

Clockwork Giant – The best giant against slower decks.

Mountain Giant – The most consistent Giant, and one you can play turn 4 without the Witch.

Molten Giant – Another easy to play Giant.

Voidcaller – The easiest way to cheat out a Voidlord as soon as turn 5.

Voidlord – An insanely powerful defensive card that often wins the game on the spot against Aggro.

Defile –  The most powerful board clear in the game, at a mere 2 mana.

Hellfire – The second board clear in the deck.

Kobold Librarian – Cycling through the deck to find the important pieces to each matchup is exactly what the deck wants to do, at a low cost of 1 mana.

Mortal Coil – Another cheap 1 mana cards to cycle early or act as removal.

Flex options and Common includes

Common Includes

Dark Pact – 8 healing is incredible against Aggro, and can help proc Voidcaller as soon as possible.

Lesser Amethyst Spellstone – Inefficient removal, though the heal can be clutch some times. Personally I don’t think this card is great against Aggro or Control which is why I cut it.

Darkbomb – I prefer this over Amethyst as killing an early minion will often gain you more life, and the additional reach is valuable.

Mistress of Mixtures – 1 drops are good in this deck as it allows you to continue tapping on turn 3, and the healing buys you time against Aggro.

Sea Giant – The worst of the giants as it requires 5 minions on board to be played with Naga Sea Witch. Because the game plan of the deck against Aggro is to get out Voidlord, and it’s hard to play this giant against Control, I’m not a big fan personally.

Mal'Ganis – Another great Demon to pull off Voidcaller.

Bloodreaver Gul'dan – A late game finisher that can be played early if your opponent keeps Naga Sea Witch alive.

Flex Slots

Alexstrasza – An awesome punish card if the opponent doesn’t kill Naga Sea Witch, as it allows you to heal against aggro or immediately threaten lethal with just two giants.

Tar Creeper – One of the best defensive options to solidify the Aggressive matchups.

Possessed Lackey – Good in a more Cubelock oriented build.

Sense Demons – This card is a legitimate option, and can be pretty powerful at helping pull off Voidcaller into Voidlord as soon as possible.

Doomguard – A better demon to pull against control, but much worse against Aggro than Voidlord.

Loatheb – Buying one extra turn with Giants on the Board can swing the favor against Control Decks.

Is the deck too good? Is it broken?

The deck is really powerful, but some matchups can be tough like Big Priest and Pirate Warrior. I wouldn’t say it’s broken in terms of win %, but rather it is concerning is how broken the things this deck is doing are. The extreme power level of Naga Sea Witch leads to uninteractive games in which the opponent either has to win by turn 5 or have an answer by turn 6.

There is little counter play to beating this deck otherwise. Powerful combo decks like this can exist in a healthy format, but they should not be so powerful against Aggressive, Combo, and Midrange decks.  I would argue that this is an unhealthy deck for the format if what we are looking for are games with at least some interaction. Also, decks like this push out a lot of deck diversity since all the decks between extreme Aggro and Combo can stand a chance against the Giants. A lot of people argue that’s what the Wild Format is about, but i’m of the opinion that there can be really powerful decks and still really interesting games with important decisions. #EndRant #NerfNSW


So, what are your thoughts on the deck? Too broken? Not as good as the hype? And does a nerf need to be seen for more interactive gameplay? It’s too soon to tell, but I’d love to hear about what you guys think.


AmpLive is a regular Legend player and has been playing Heathstone since the Beta in 2013. Ever since the release of the Wild Format, he has dived deep into the format and not looked back since. He created the website WildHs.com in the hopes to grow the Wild Community and provide much needed Wild Content. His favorite decks in the history of Hearthstone are Handlock, Classic Control Warrior, or any deck involving Aviana/Kun. When he isn't playing Hearthstone, he can often be found studying, programming, and enjoying the California sunshine.

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1 Response

  1. Amaiashi says:


    nice to see some new decks on wildHS, keep going ^^

    I played the deck at rank 4 and I got 50% winrate on 20 games. When Naga is in my hand at turn 5 with at least two giants, I got 100% winrate and if not, it’s like instant loose. I am sure that I don’t play it right …

    Can you give some details on the mulligan : do you hard mulligan for Naga everytime ?

    And some tips on how to approach some archetypes (raza priest, cubelock for example) ?

    Many thanks in advance

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