Ultimate Legendary Crafting Guide for Wild

How long have you been holding on to all that dust, not sure of what to do with it? Don’t worry, we here at WildHS.com and the guys over at /r/ WildHearthstone are here to help you decide, with our Ultimate Legendary Crafting Guide for Wild. We have enlisted the help of some of Wild’s top ladder players, and had them rate every single Legendary card ever released. Yes, even Gelbin Mekkatorque (spoiler alert: he’s not that great). With so many voices in one place, we took the average score for each card and built the guide based on these scores.

We’d like to give a big thanks to all the Wild experts who lent their time and expertise to this cause. We’ve linked their social media here, if you’re interested in following some of the most dedicated minds in the format:

We’ve organized this guide in the traditional Five Tier system, S being the highest and D being the lowest. The tables within each have their respective Legendary minions organized (going from left to right) from lowest to highest mana cost, going through each set in chronological order, starting with Classic. Remember, disenchanting always offers mediocre returns, so always be 100% sure you won’t play a card before disenchanting!

Tier S

These are the staple Legendaries that are played in several decks. They are incredibly powerful and should NEVER be disenchanted and any missing cards in this tier can be crafted (and played) immediately. These Legendaries are played in multiple lists or are core pieces of a top-tier deck.


Leeroy Jenkins Loatheb Mal'Ganis
Emperor Thaurissan Sir Finley Mrrgglton Reno Jackson
Patches the Pirate Kazakus Raza the Chained
Sunkeeper Tarim Shadowreaper Anduin Bloodreaver Gul'dan

Tier A

These cards are relatively powerful, but slightly less pervasive than their S Tier counterparts. While not as blatantly powerful, these are cards that players should be looking to craft, as many of these Legendaries are still core pieces of their respective decks. Some of them even enable a whole archetype on their own.

Ragnaros the Firelord Bloodmage Thalnos Edwin VanCleef
Archmage Antonidas Alexstrasza Malygos
Aviana Brann Bronzebeard Fandral Staghelm
N'Zoth, the Corruptor Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Barnes
Aya Blackpaw Kun the Forgotten King Prince Keleseth
Malfurion the Pestilent The Lich King  Frost Lich Jaina

Tier B

Tier B cards find their way into strong decks from time to time, but are not as necessary as the cards in higher tiers. These Legendary cards probably shouldn’t be dusted, but nor should they be crafted unless you’re a diehard fan of the class or archetype.

Old Murk-Eye Sylvanas Windrunner Cairne Bloodhoof
Prophet Velen Tirion Fordring Ysera
Dr. Boom Justicar Trueheart Medivh, the Guardian
Finja, the Flying Star Pyros Spiritsinger Umbra
Lyra the Sunshard Prince Taldaram Deathstalker Rexxar
 Kingsbane Zola the Gorgon Val'anyr

Tier C

This tier belongs to cards that see fringe play. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad; quite the opposite. A lot of these cards have homes within meta decks, and some of them are even key pieces of said decks. However, most of the time either the decks or the cards themselves get outclassed by better options that are available in the format. While some of these Legendaries do have applications, they may be more valuable to budget players if converted to dust, though be very cautious in doing so.

Tinkmaster Overspark Captain Greenskin Harrison Jones
The Black Knight Baron Geddon Al'Akir the Windlord
Grommash Hellscream Lord Jaraxxus Deathwing
Kel'Thuzad Sneed's Old Shredder Gormok the Impaler
Nexus-Champion Saraad Hallazeal the Ascended Ragnaros, Lightlord
Deathwing, Dragonlord  Yogg-Saron, Hope's End The Curator
Auctionmaster Beardo Shaku, the Collector  Wickerflame Burnbristle
White Eyes Krul the Unshackled Open the Waygate
Elise the Trailblazer Thrall, Deathseer Uther of the Ebon Blade
Valeera the Hollow Sonya Shadowdancer Ixlid, Fungal Lord
Skull of the Man'ari Rin, the First Disciple

Tier D

And now we hit the bottom of the barrel. These cards have never seen competitive play and/or are unlikely to see play in the near future. While I personally never recommend disenchanting cards, these cards are most certainly not worth the dust you have to spend to craft them. Who knows though, maybe there’s a hidden gem in here. The next big meme, if you will. But until someone finds it, it shall remain buried among the rest of its mediocre peers. These cards can be safely disenchanted and should never be crafted if competitive play is your primary concern.

Elite Tauren Chieftain Gelbin Mekkatorque Lorewalker Cho
Nat Pagle Millhouse Manastorm King Mukla
Hogger Illidan Stormrage The Beast
Gruul Cenarius King Krush
Nozdormu Onyxia Baron Rivendare
Feugen Stalagg Maexxna
Blingtron 3000 Bolvar Fordragon Hemet Nesingwary
Mimiron's Head Vol'jin Gazlowe
Iron Juggernaut Mogor the Ogre Toshley
Trade Prince Gallywix Flame Leviathan Gahz'rilla
Malorne Neptulon Troggzor the Earthinator
Foe Reaper 4000 Mekgineer Thermaplugg Rend Blackhand
Chromaggus Majordomo Executus Nefarian
Dreadscale Eydis Darkbane Fjola Lightbane
Bolf Ramshield The Mistcaller The Skeleton Knight
Wilfred Fizzlebang Acidmaw Chillmaw
Confessor Paletress Eadric the Pure Skycap'n Kragg
Rhonin Anub'arak Icehowl
Varian Wrynn Elise Starseeker Arch-Thief Rafaam
Shifter Zerus Nat, the Darkfisher Xaril, Poisoned Mind
Princess Huhuran Herald Volazj Mukla, Tyrant of the Vale
Cho'gall Hogger, Doom of Elwynn Malkorok
Twin Emperor Vek'lor Anomalus The Boogeymonster
Soggoth the Slitherer Moroes Prince Malchezaar
Hobart Grapplehammer Sergeant Sally Genzo, the Shark
Knuckles Madam Goya Wrathion
Don Han'Cho Inkmaster Solia Mayor Noggenfogger
Awaken the Makers Fire Plume's Heart Jungle Giants
Lakkari Sacrifice The Caverns Below The Last Kaleidosaur
The Marsh Queen Unite the Murlocs Clutchmother Zavas
Sherazin, Corpse Flower The Voraxx Hemet, Jungle Hunter
Swamp King Dred Kalimos, Primal Lord King Mosh
Ozruk Tyrantus Arfus
Lilian Voss Prince Valanar Professor Putricide
Blood-Queen Lana'thel Bolvar, Fireblood Moorabi
Archbishop Benedictus Rotface Scourgelord Garrosh
Sindragosa Hadronox Dragon Soul
The Darkness Twig of the World Tree Grumble, Worldshaker
Lynessa Sunsorrow Rhok'delar Temporus
Geosculptor Yip Kathrena Winterwisp King Togwaggle
Marin the Fox The Runespear Woecleaver
Dragoncaller Alanna Master Oakheart


And with that we conclude our Ultimate Legendary Crafting Guide for Wild. We hope that this article helps you decide where to make your next big dust investment. Remember, Hearthstone is meant to be enjoyed the way that you like to play. For many players, that means you shouldn’t disenchant a card just because it’s not high on a Tier List. Disenchanting offers very mediocre returns, so only disenchant if you are sure that you don’t want to play the card. Once again big thanks to the Wild experts for helping us with this guide. Stay tuned!


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6 Responses

  1. greencoaster says:

    *sheds a tear* Sylvannas tier B… we… we just used to spend so much great time together

  2. blutrane says:

    great list – thank you for putting it together

  3. Magenobo says:

    The D tier is just OP throwing stuff in there that wasn’t found on the latest top 20 decks of Wild from a random website like Hearthpwn. “These cards have never seen competitive play and/or are unlikely to see play in the near future.” Really? Really?? Entire Archtypes were made from some of these cards.

    Elise Starseeker made Control Warrior back in the day a force to be reckoned with when they turned their useless cards into huge impact legendaries.
    The Caverns Below was one of the most obnoxious decks when Un’Goro came out (and has made a comeback in Standard but we are talking about wild here)
    Sherazin was a cornerpiece of a Un’Goro Miracle/Arcane Giant Rogue

    Many of these so called bad legendaries were staples in quite a few decks(and I could name more) and you try to tell us that they never saw competative play? Yes maybe they don’t see play now, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that you call them useless cards that never saw play when infact they saw play.

    • Amplive says:

      I think it would be beneficial to separate tier d into two tiers: D and F, as theres clearly a difference between say, Sherazin and Boogeymonster. I do think it is unlikely most of the cards in tier d will see play in the future, though you never know in hearthstone which is why making these tier lists so difficult. My best advice would be to just avoid dusting anything cause the return is always bad.

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