The Top 10 Neutral Cards in Wild

In a format more reliant upon synergy than raw power, neutral cards have to do some really unique and powerful things to survive in the Wild. It’s why you won’t see cards like Dr. Boom and Piloted Shredder on this list. While these cards are incredibly powerful, the reality is that you won’t see them in most wild games of hearthstone you play as players often can’t find room for these card in their decks.

First off, honorable mentions that almost made the cut:

Tar Creeper and Primordial Drake are great defensive options and tech cards for decks that need to survive against aggro.

Bonemare is a great curve topper for a lot of midrange decks trying to close the game against control or create a huge taunt against aggro.

Narrowing down to 10 cards was quite a challenge, but here are my Top 10 Neutral Cards for Wild Hearthstone.

10. Coldlight Oracle

Until Blizzard prints another neutral card draw option, Coldlight Oracle is the go to choice for decks looking to mill their opponents or to draw to their combo as quick as possible. Alongside Brann Bronzebeard in wild, it’s not uncommon to make player’s draw 8+ cards in a single turn. Other cards like Quest Mage use this card to draw through their deck quickly to try and assemble their combo.


9. N’zoth

It does not take a lot to make N’zoth powerful in Wild. Often combined with [Death Lord] and Sludge Belcher for decks like Control Warrior or Quest Priest that just want to build an impenetrable wall. Otherdecks use it to generate incredible value alongside cards like Sylvanas Windrunner and White Eyes in Deathrattle Shaman.




8. Stonehill Defender

With an enormous card pool like wild, the range of cards that Stonehill Defender can pull from is enormous. Stonehill Defender is a versatile option and powerful option against aggressive decks, without having to give up card advantage against control decks.



7. Emperor Thaurissan

Emperor Thaurissan provides a really unique effect and allows for all kinds of new card combos that would be impossible otherwise. As more cards get printed, Emperor Thaurissan singlehandedly allows for thousands of new interactions and powerful combos. As expected, you will often face this card when facing combo decks like Freeze Mage and Malygos Rogue, though occassionally you’ll see him just as a value card in control decks or ramp druid. In terms of future potential as new cards get printed, Emperor Thaurrisan ranks at the top.



6. Haunted Creeper 

The best value two-drop ever printed, Haunted Creeper is a staple card in many aggro, token, and even midrange strategies. Incredibly statted with a potential 3/4 worth of stats, Haunted Creeper also mitigates some of the challenges that Aggressive decks have with Aoe clears. The fact that it’s a beast makes it also valuable in token druid as a Mark of Y'Shaarj target or for beast synergies in hunter decks. The 1/1s it makes is valuable in Paladin as well alongside cards like Steward of Darkshire and Sunkeeper Tarim


5. Fire Fly

2 mana for 2/4 worth of stats split across two bodies makes a Fire Fly a cost effective and flexible early minion. Fire Fly is used in “Go Wide” token strategies like Token Druid, Evolve Shaman, and Zoolock. It’s elemental tag  also allows you to trigger elemental-related effects twice with a single card, making it a common card in decks that rely on Elemental Synergies such as Elemental Rogue and Shaman.



4. Patches the Pirate

A notorious card I’m sure many of you guys are familiar with, Patches the Pirate is essentially a “free” Stonetusk Boar in any deck playing pirates. Combined with Ship's Cannon in Wild, Patches is even more powerful, often triggering Ship’s Cannon twice on turn 2-3. Patches is so powerful that it’s made its way into many non dedicated pirate decks, that want to go wide by utilizing Bloodsail Corsair and other buff effects such as Token Druid, Token Paladin and Shaman. Lastly, Patches is also common in Pirate Rogue, or any deck that runs Swashburglar.


3. Sludge Belcher

Sludge Belcher is one of the best tools many decks have for stopping aggro in its tracks. Perfectly statted at 3/5, Belcher has enough power to finish off most small minions, and enough toughness to survive more than one hit. The 1/2 Taunt it leaves behind can be even more of a nuisance, making Belcher incredibly difficult to trade with cost effectively without overkilling. Belcher alongside [N’zoth] allows control decks to stabilize almost any board and makes for a potent finisher.



2. Reno Jackson 

With such a large card pool in Wild, building a singleton deck is not that much of a drawback. As more cards are printed, Reno Jackson decks will continue to improve and get better. Reno Jackson is such a powerful card that it creates its own archetype alongside Kazakus. Alongside the powerful late Hero Cards that Knights of the Frozen throne gave us like Bloodreaver Gul'dan, Shadowreaper Anduin, and Frost Lich Jaina, these decks boast an incredible late game with the ability to heal to full as soon as turn 6.

1. Doomsayer

Doomsayer provides such a unique and powerful effect for just two mana, and is the reason a lot of control decks are able to survive in Wild. The card has a lot of strategy and counter play and always creates a dilemma for both the player using the card and the player facing it. Should they push tempo? damage? Use valuable spells to remove it? For the player using Doomsayer, properly timing when to play the card can result in devastating effects or mediocre ones if not used wisely. Needless to say, Doomsayer will certainly be a staple of many decks for as long as Wild exists.


There you have it, my top 10 cards neutral cards for Wild. These cards cover an enormous range of decks and archetypes, some of them creating archetypes by themselves, and some providing invaluable unique effects. Others like [haunted creeper] are just the best at what they do, though they could potentially be replaced by future sets. Some observations:

  • A lot of powerful low cost, neutral minions are common meaning a lot of powerful aggressive decks in wild aren’t to expensive to craft.
  • Wild really values unique effects like Doomsayer, Reno Jackson, and Coldlight Oracle over just “good cards”
  • There are a lot of powerful late game options that didn’t make this list. When it comes to picking control finishers for your deck there are a plethora of options available. If you are looking to close the game quickly Ragnaros the Firelord may be the best option. If you are looking to generate even more value The Lich King or Ysera are powerful options. And if you are looking to stabilize or clear board Primordial Drake or even Deathwing can give you what you need.

It was really hard to make this list! There’s tons of cards that you could argue should have made it, but for me these are the ones I feel like i see the most. Is there a card that you think should have made it on the list, or that I at least should have mentioned? I’d love to hear it in the comments below. Thanks for reading!




AmpLive is a regular Legend player and has been playing Heathstone since the Beta in 2013. Ever since the release of the Wild Format, he has dived deep into the format and not looked back since. He created the website in the hopes to grow the Wild Community and provide much needed Wild Content. His favorite decks in the history of Hearthstone are Handlock, Classic Control Warrior, or any deck involving Aviana/Kun. When he isn't playing Hearthstone, he can often be found studying, programming, and enjoying the California sunshine.

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10 Responses

  1. wyqted says:

    Stonehill defender is not that impressive IMO. It’s mostly a paladin card. I would say naga sea witch better fits the place since it has incredible synergy with giants and other high cost cards and it has warped the metagame in many ways.

    • Antoine says:

      Man, I just completely and utterly forgot about Naga Sea Witch. You’re right, the card has somewhat warped the meta in that your deck should be capable of winning by turn 6 or be able to deal with a flood of giants in some form. Nice Comment! I’d say NSW would rank as high as 3 or 4 even.

  2. FreshMentor says:

    Cool article. Not sure I agree with fire fly though. I really don’ think it’s better than, say, piloted shredder or dr. boom. Both of those are over-efficient (per se) in terms of mana, plus they’re overall better cards most of the time.

    • Antoine says:

      Yeah, it was definitely a close call, and I feel like a lot of these cards from rank 5+ are interchangeable. The reason fire fly edged it out for me is simply because I see it in a lot of the games I play (every shaman deck and token druid deck). That said, Dr. Boom and Piloted Shredder, while super efficient and powerful cards, I don’t see as often. Thanks for the comment!

  3. KooKie says:

    Imo Stonehill defender’s card pool getting bigger and bigger each expansion makes it less valuable actually.
    Also, Loatheb is the most powerful card in the whole game as a singleton 🙂

    • Antoine says:

      Hmm, good point about Stonehill Defender. 🤔 I definitely agree that Loatheb is an incredibly powerful card, and I think he is really underrated. Despite his absurd power level, I can’t remember the last time I actually saw him in a game which is really weird.

  4. greencoaster says:

    Brann > Stonehill defender imho. Basically, the most insane cards u can get from it: Tarim, Tirion and Lich King are all standard legal buddies.

    • Antoine says:

      Yeah, I think looking back at the list, I would switch out Stonehill Defender for something. I’ll keep the list as is though for posterity.

  5. Jared T says:

    Azure Drake? that would have to make the list i would think

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