Pilfered Power Hemet OTK – Deck Guide

I. Introduction

Hey everyone! One week ago I wrote a guide on deckbuilding and made the claim that Wild is a great format for deckbuilding. This week, I put those ideas to the test as I tried to put together a deck that could tackle the Wild Metagame. I wanted to explore the card Pilfered Power as I always felt the card had a really high ceiling, especially with the printing of Ultimate Infestation to refill your hand.

The dilemma of building around Pilfered Power is that the deck wants to be full of small minions, yet wants to to have expensive cards as a payoff for ramping so hard. This deck solves the problem by featuring plentiful card draw, nourish to fill in the mid game , and good ol’ Hemet, Jungle Hunter to instantly clear your deck of chaff.Hemet, Jungle Hunter

What’s the payoff of all this ramping and card draw? A 33+ damage OTK featuring Aviana, Kun the Forgotten King, and Malygos. The combo goes like this:

The beauty of this deck is that it can consistently churn through its deck at an incredibly rapid pace, and Hemet, Jungle Hunter leaves your deck with exactly what you want: all combo pieces and nothing more. When you play Hemet, you’re telling your opponent: “You have 3 turns left to live.”

After some testing and refining, I was able to hit legend with a 67% Win Rate. 

Legend Proof

Without further ado, let’s go into the Decklist and some of the card choices. 

II. The Cards

Pilfered Power Hemet


The ramp

Pilfered Power – One of the most integral cards of the deck, Pilfered Power allows you to have really broken starts where you ramp 4-5 mana as soon as turn 3. Even with 2 creatures on the field, this is a 3 mana nourish.

Nourish – Nourish is the perfect card to branch between your early game and midgame in this deck, where you will either be needing Mana or more Cards. Some games, you you will have an expensive hand where you will just need to ramp quickly to cards like Ultimate Infestation or Hemet. Other games, you’ve spent cards on early minions and [Pilfered Powers], and you are digging for more card draw and combo pieces. Nourish stays in the deck post Hemet, Jungle Hunter and allows you to draw the remaining combo pieces faster.

The small dudes

These guys will help you gain board control against Aggro, and ramp you against slower decks.

Living Roots – Easy 2 minions for Pilfered Power, as well as lots of extra damage for your combo against classes that gain armor.

Enchanted Raven – Another cheap efficient minion. Great target for [Mark of Y’shaarj], particularly against priest.

Haunted Creeper – Another beast for your mark, and one of the stickiest minions in the game to help get off Pilfered Power.

Druid of the Swarm – Another beast, and a powerful defensive minion against aggressive decks. The poison option is not to be underestimated as well against things like early Northshire Clerics, Turn 4 before Renolocks plays Mountain Giants or Drake, and other scenarios.

Sir Finley Mrrgglton – An awesome early game minion that adapts to whatever scenario you find yourself in. In this deck, all of the different hero powers have utility in this deck. Dagger Mastery can be great against decks that need board control like Token Druid. Life Tap is solid against control. Steady Shot is often powerful against decks that gain armor. Healing hero powers are good against aggro. Totemic Call and Reinforce can give you a turn 2 minion for turn 3 Pilfered Power.

The card draw

Novice Engineer – A flex slot, but a decent minion to continue drawing through the deck. Highly reccomend switching this for Tar Creeper if you are running into more aggro. 

Mark of Y'Shaarj – The beast package allows Mark of Y’shaarj to really shine in this deck to continue strengthening your board while drawing cards.

Wrath – A flexible card that can function as removal or card draw.

Ultimate Infestation – This deck’s ability to ramp at insane speeds makes Ultimate Infestation particularly powerful as a draw 5 in this deck. After Hemet, casting Ultimate Infestation will instantly draw you all the cards in your deck and allow you to OTK the next turn without breaking a sweat.

The Curator – The deck can sometimes lack plays in the midgame due to the way it’s built around Hemet. The Curator is an easy draw 3, without having to give up board control or tempo.

The Combo Cards

Not all games are won by comboing your opponent out. In fact, most games against aggro, you are looking to gain board control early, and finish off with any of the top end cards in the deck. The combo shines in particular against slow decks like Reno Priest and Renolock.

Aviana and Kun the Forgotten King – These two together will give you 10 mana, and reduce all minions cost to 1.

Swipe – The two swipes are key to the combo in order to OTK, so be careful when using them if OTK is your game plan. The reason I chose swipe over Faceless Manipulator or Starfall is that they are a great card against other aggressive decks when you don’t plan on comboing. If you use one Swipe, you can still combo with Swipe + Living Roots, so be careful if you are Hemeting.

Malygos – Another combo piece. In games you are not comboing this, playing an early Malygos and threatening a swipe can be devastating.

Alexstrasza – Another combo piece. In games you are not comboing, healing yourself can close the game against aggro.

III. Flex Slots and Tech Options

Because there is no one else I know that is playing this deck, none of the list is set in stone and I encourage tweaking and tuning of the deck! That said, these are the cards that I’ve identified as flex slots and some cards that I tried on the road to legend:

These are some cards that I tried that were decent:

  • Malfurion the Pestilent – An incredibly powerful defensive option for the Midgame. Highly reccommended if you are facing some aggressive decks.
  • Stonehill Defender – decent against aggro, can bridge the early and mid game together and give you things to do with tons of mana.
  • Bloodsail Corsair + Patches the Pirate – Strong against aggro and an easy two minions for Pilfered Power
  • Fire Fly – Better against aggro than Novice Engineer.
  • Bloodmage Thalnos – A solid card in place of Novice Engineer, only weaker to Priest because of Potion of Madness. 
  • Mulch – This deck can struggle with big minions, so removal is a welcome addition.

IV. Strategy and Gameplay

The deck has two fundamentally different gameplans depending on the matchup. Against aggressive and midrange decks such as Aggro Druid, Aggro Shaman, Pirate Warrior, Zoo, Tempo Rogue Decks, and Tempo Mage your gameplan is:

  • Gain board control early with small minions.
  • Ramp into the mid and lategame and survive with Swipe, The Curator, and other cards.
  • Finish with any of the big cards like Ultimate Infestation, Malygos, [Alexstrazsa], and drown opponents in card advantage.

Against slower decks or control decks the gameplan is:

  • Ramp quickly with cards like Pilfered Power and Nourish. Preoccupy them with annoying early game minions.
  • Draw to the combo as quick as possible. Hemet, Jungle Hunter will make this extremely quick, though the deck can draw all of its card without Hemet fairly easily.
  • OTK opponent with the wombo combo.

V. Mulligans


Against Aggro – Look for your early game minions like Enchanted Raven, Haunted Creeper, Druid of the Swarm, and Living Roots. Don’t worry about ramping or card  drawing, there’s plenty to draw into.

Against Control – Look for some early game minions as well. If you already have 1 or 2, you can mulligan for cards like [Mark of Y’shaarj] or Pilfered Power.

VI. Matchups

Reno PriestHeavily Favored– With a powerful OTK and tools to find the combo quickly, this deck has a fantastic win rate against priest. The only games you lose to Priest are ones where the Priest:

  • Pulls a combo piece with Dirty Rat.
  • Draws their combo extremely fast.
  • Gains armor through Kazakus Potion + Shadowreaper Anduin.

Your goal in this matchup is simply to get to your combo as quickly as possible. Do your best to deny them from drawing off cards like Northshire Cleric. If you think that you are likely going to struggle with removing armor they’ve gained, getting Steady Shot from Finley, Keeping cards like Living Roots, or maintaining a board can help with this. This matchup almost is always determined by the combo, so very rarely should you be trying to cheese them out with an early Alexstrasza or Malygos.

Tempo MageHeavily Favored – Cheap minions and cheap spells means that their Secrets are fairly easy to counter. The deck has ton of health gain as well if their plan shifts to burning you out. Early minions almost always allow you to get ahead and control the board early.

Jade Druid – Favored Much like other slower midrange decks, Jade Druid is too slow to kill you before you assemble the OTK. The more aggressive variants of Jade Druid are capable of ending the game quickly, and is one way of losing the matchup. Even if they gain armor, the OTK will leave them with little health and no board, making it almost impossible for them to climb back into the game.

Renolock Favored – Renolock is usually too slow and succumbs to the OTK in the deck. You can sometimes win this game by ramping out an extremely fast Infestation as well. Watch out for their aggressive starts, and look to assemble the OTK as quick as possible.

Recruit Paladin –Even– The early game cards in this deck like Haunted Creeper and Druid of the Swarm tend to trade favorably with Recruit Paladin’s early game. Cheap removal like Wrath and Swipe are also fantastic. After trading in the early game, your card draw and late game will pull you ahead, as it is difficult for them to come back after losing board control. Games are rarely decided by the combo.

Aggro DruidEven – This matchup is all about the early trades. You will eventually succumb board to them as they have more creatures and buffs, but you will often be able to get ahead in the first few turns. A good swipe in the midgame or strong ramp can often win you the game. Look to close the game with Ultimate Infestation and other big cards before you start to lose board.

Pirate WarriorSlightly Unfavored – Though certainly a winnable matchup, cards like Frothing Berserker can instantly lose the game on the spot since the deck only has a few answers. Pirate Warrior excels at gaining board control with weapons and efficient minions, so it will be difficult to land Pilfered Power or have time to play a Nourish. If you manage to survive to the late game, cards like Ultimate Infestation, Alexstrasza, and Kun the Forgotten King can gain you a lot of life in a pinch.

Keleseth RogueUnfavored – The early minions in this deck help a lot in keeping you alive against Keleseth Rogue in the early game. As usual, the game plan is to gain control of board early and finish with a superior late game. The most common way I lose this matchup is an early Edwin Vancleef.

Giant HunterVery Unfavored  – This deck doesn’t have any tools to deal with a ton of 8/8 Giants on turn 5, and does not have the pressure to kill them before than either without cards like savage roar. Some things can slow them down like playing a Poisonous Druid of the Swarm on turn 4. You can often get enormous Pilfered Powers off because of their limited interaction. If they stumble in getting their giant’s together, you can combo off quickly or cheese a win sometimes.

VII. Tips and Tricks

  • Not all games are going to go smoothly. Some games you will have to risk overdrawing or even fatiguing with Ultimate Infestation
  • Other games you will have to go into emergency mode instead of OTKing. Don’t concede though until it’s over! In my last game for legend, the priest opponent had turn 4 barnes into Y’shaarj for 3 turns, and I was able to manage a win!
  • Trust the deck to find ramp and card draw later on, and focus on board control early. The deck has a ton of card draw and can usually find what it needs.
  • Against slow decks, try your best to not use Swipe as it’s a key part of the combo.
  • Once you play Hemet, your deck will be full of Expensive cards, so if you play him before finding any ramp or have no other plays in your hand, you risk having some really awkward turns. Against slower decks, this may still be the correct play.
  • You will often need to dump your hand early in preparation for Ultimate Infestation.
  • You can play Aviana and Kun, then Nourish to find Malygos,Swipe, or Alexstrasza in a pinch!

VIII. Conclusion

I hoped you enjoyed reading this guide as much as I enjoyed the process of building this deck. If you are looking for extremely fun, skill-testing deck that has a great matchup against Priest, I highly recommend this deck. 

There’s a lot of room for exploration and deckbuilding in Wild. If you guys are interested in my process for creating decks, I wrote a guide here -> Beginner’s Guide to Deckbuilding. The initial version of this deck was not pretty and I made many cuts and changes on the road to legend.

I hope this encourages others to find those hidden gems and unique card interactions that Wild has to offer. Thanks so much for reading and until next time!

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AmpLive is a regular Legend player and has been playing Heathstone since the Beta in 2013. Ever since the release of the Wild Format, he has dived deep into the format and not looked back since. He created the website WildHs.com in the hopes to grow the Wild Community and provide much needed Wild Content. His favorite decks in the history of Hearthstone are Handlock, Classic Control Warrior, or any deck involving Aviana/Kun. When he isn't playing Hearthstone, he can often be found studying, programming, and enjoying the California sunshine.

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11 Responses

  1. Wild Decks are Fun says:

    Interesting deck. I’ll give it a try.

    Please post a picture of the full decklist (you only have the deck code in the conclusion). It is very hard to envision the deck without seeing the decklist. Odd exclusion for a deck guide!

    • Wild Decks are Fun says:

      Um never mind. I see it there right at the top! Picture didn’t load for me first time haha/ embarassed.
      Great idea btw, looking for way to use Hemet and I love a good combo OTK. Great to see a new deck pop up.

      • Amplive says:

        You’re not going crazy, the picture was down for a few minutes and I fixed it!
        Thanks, I hope to see some new decks pop up in wild also. Ive seen some unique decks on my way to legend this season.

  2. teddysmasheroo says:

    Do you think that this deck is better than the traditional maly otk druid? Also why doesn’t the traditional maly otk druid run hemet to draw its combo faster? Interesting idea and thanks a lot for the guide.

    • RenoJackson says:

      Traditional Maly Druid runs combo pieces that costs 3 or less.

      • teddysmasheroo says:

        It does but you don’t need to use living roots and and moonfire to kill them. You can just kill them with double swipe swipe after you aviana/kun/maly/alex combo. Also this deck runs living roots as a combo piece and still runs hemet.

        • Amplive says:

          There’s no reason traditional maly druid couldnt run the Hemet, would be an interesting deck experiment. Overall, I’d say this deck has a better aggro matchup, though I believe there is still tuning to be done with both the traditional list and this one.

  3. teddysmasheroo says:

    I’ve never played this deck but it seems like it would suffer from having a weak midgame. The deck has good minions to play early on but then if you don’t get a good pilfered power off you will end up having a bunch of huge minions in your hand and not enough mana to play them. Also I noticed that you don’t have patches or mark of the lotus in the deck. Patches and mark of the lotus are some of the strongest cards in token druid so I would put them in. The novice engineers seem like they would be bad in this kind of deck. I could be wrong because I’ve never played this deck but just my thoughts on it.

    • Amplive says:

      Yeah, the deck is trying to skip the Midgame with fast, big ramp cards like nourish and pilfered power. You could go more token centric with Mark of the Lotus. Not sure what that would look like. Some sort of hybrid deck.

  4. Bard says:

    I’m loving this deck so far, but I must be playing it wrong somehow. Ultimate Infestation is almost always a dead card in my hand, If I were to use it I would almost always overdraw. I’m still getting the combo off fairly regularly though. Is this just a result of running into control decks? Does UI really only shine vs aggro?

    • Amplive says:

      You really have to unload as much as you can the turns before playing UI and plan hand management

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