Best Decks from Topdeck Gaming’s Weekly Series #2

We here at are glad to bring you the second installment in our weekly series covering Topdeck Gaming’s Tournament Weekly; a series of eight double-elimination Conquest tournaments on consecutive weekends for both NA and EU. These will start each weekend at 3pm EDT on Saturday for NA and 1pm GMT on Sunday for EU. This new series is being organized by GetMeowth in order to bring more opportunities for players to get involved in competitive Wild Hearthstone within a friendly environment. For more details, be sure to have a look at our previous piece where we went in-depth into the scoring rules of the event.

This week we have Fable (who placed 4th in last week’s event) and Evildevil (who placed 2nd last week) taking 1st place in NA and EU respectively, each earning two free packs of their choice. However, everyone who made the Top 8 earned points for the big cumulative prize pool at the end of the series.

The Top 4 matches of the EU event were streamed this past Sunday through GetMeowth’s Twitch Channel. NA matches were not able to be streamed due to GetMeowth participating in the Boomsday Brawl at the same time as the tournament was running. And once again, we here at have you covered by bringing you some of the best and most interesting decks that were featured in the tournament.

In addition, due to comments from readers this week I’m trying something new by adding some graphs to display the data as opposed to tables. Let me know if you guys like it!

The Best of NA

We had a significantly smaller showing for the NA region than last week, with 11 people signing-up and 9 showing up to play in the event itself. This was further exacerbated as player who checked in for the event went AFK for the actual matches, meaning a small number of people got to ride through to the top with relative ease.

In terms of class representation we see an overall decrease in the diversity of the field, with classes like Hunter and Rogue from as high as four different archetypes in the previous event, all the way down to one or two. Despite this, we see the total number of Rogues brought to the event go down significantly from 10 to just 3, while classes like Warlock and Shaman saw a massive uptick relative to other classes. Due to the lower number of participants and the large number of games dropped throughout the event, there were a lot less bans this week than last week. Regardless, we see a clear target as Even Shaman was by far the most banned deck in the event. Surprisingly, the dreaded Star Aligner Combo Druid was only banned once, despite it being by far the most popular Druid archetype in the NA portion of the event.

In terms of winrates, the only classes with a winrate above 50% were Shaman (100%), Warrior (100%), Druid (80%), and Rogue (60%), making them the big winners of this event. The rest of the classes showed some pretty abysmal winrates, with Mage (38%), Warlock (37%), and Priest (30%) all struggling a lot. This is a perfect time to remind readers that these statistics are greatly influenced by both sample size and bans; both Hunter and Paladin didn’t get to play a single game in the event, so strictly speaking they showed a winrate of 0%. Shaman and Warrior both had a sample size of a single game, hence the ridiculously high winrates. Only Druid, Mage, Warlock, and Priest managed to get a sample size of 10 games or more.

1st Place: Fable

Star Aligner Combo Druid

Odd Rogue

Even Shaman



2nd Place: bbpk

Mech Aggro Druid

Secret Mage

Even Shaman


3rd Place: Money

Jade Fatigue Druid

Reno Priest


Control Warrior

4th Place: Skry

Star Aligner Combo Druid

Exodia Mage

Big Priest

Odd Rogue


The Best of EU

EU continues to prove itself as the most competitive region for Wild Hearthstone, with 28 players signing up for the event and 20 of them showing up to participate on the day of the event. We also had fewer people dropping out halfway through, meaning that we got lot more data for bans and winrates.

In terms of class representation, we continue to see the same interesting trends as last week, with Druid continuing to decrease in representation relative to NA (with not a single Star Aligner Combo Druid in sight), while Shaman skyrockets to the top as the most popular class to bring. Mage also sees a significant increase in play, particularly when it comes to the aggressive variants. In addition we see much less diversity in archetypes for Druid as it went from five different archetypes last week all the way down to two. On the other hand we see classes like Warrior massive increasing their breath with all kinds of unique experimental brews like Even Warrior. Hunter is also particularly interesting since while its total representation went down (from 10 decks last week to 9 this week), we see a massive shift away from Deathrattle Hunter (which was popular and performed well last week) and towards Mech Hunter.

In terms of bans we see some expected decks like Even Shaman and Renolock getting hit consistently, with a bit of an outlier in Big Priest also being banned quite a bit despite Priest being one of the least popular classes in the event. We also see our singleton Togwaggle Druid taking quite a few hits, perhaps hinting at the deck’s strength.

In terms of winrates, the only classes with a winrate above 50% were Druid (75%), Shaman (65%), and Priest (62%), making them the big winners of the event. The rest of the field showed middling winrates in the range of 40-49%, with Warrior being the outlier at 38% winrate, making it unsurprisingly the biggest loser of the event. Shaman and Priest winrates are particularly astonishing seeing as they were amongst the most banned classes in the event, while the middle-man Warlock isn’t doing too bad at 44% when you consider it was also banned quite a bit.

1st Place: Evildevil

Jade Druid

Big Priest

Even Shaman



2nd Place: Beeozan

Mech Hunter

Combo Dragon Priest

Even Shaman

Odd Rogue

3rd Place: Endag

Deathrattle Hunter

Mech Control Paladin

Mill Rogue

Control Warrior

4th Place: Annihilator

Reno Hunter

Reno Mage


Patron Warrior


Points Overview

This section will be updated weekly as players continue to earn points through consistent Top 8 finishes on each event. These cumulative points will be used to determine the Top 3 winners of the big prize pool for each region at the end of the eight events.

NA Point Totals
Week 1 Week 2 Total
Fable 20 30 50
Screenshoter 30 10 40
bbpk 25 25
Memnarch 25 25
jularanja 20 20
Money 20 20
Skry 20 20
ecuotepasca 10 10
Freakout 10 10
Jaina 10 10
Mason 10 10
PaladiniNaic 10 10
RedLeader 10 10
Spiral 10 10
EU Point Totals
Week 1 Week 2 Total
Evildevil 25 30 55
Annihilator 10 20 30
Dajmond 20 10 30
Endag 10 20 30
Jibril 30 30
Beeozan 25 25
Hijodaikan 10 10 20
Siveure 20 20
Akof 10 10
Fedo 10 10
Romulus 10 10


And with that we conclude this tournament review. We’re excited to continue bringing you all the tournament tech your hearts desire. We hope to see the Wild tournament scene continue to grow and reach new audiences. Big shoutout to GetMeowth for organizing this awesome event.

If you’re interested in participating, make sure to join the Discord server and stay tuned for the weekly Battlefy event page. Otherwise, make sure to join us over at GetMeowth’s Twitch Channel to support the event, and maybe consider donating to the prize pool.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for more Wild Hearthstone!

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3 Responses

  1. saltboys says:

    good stuff. ima use these decks. keep up the good work team

  2. Angga Da says:

    why no Asia?

    n why only few people want host/create hs tournament for Asia?
    is no one care about asian people?
    or not worthty to do that?

    • Deadhour says:

      Timezones are the biggest barrier from what I’ve seen discussed by tournament organizers. EU events are significantly more difficult to run as is because of this, and since an Asia event being run from the Americas would require organizers to literally flip their schedule upside down, I can see how it could be a challenge.

      I do agree that it is borderline criminal that the Asia region gets excluded the most from community run events, especially since in my experience Asia is by far the most passionate community when it comes to Wild.

      Hopefully personalities from the Asian scene step up to the plate and organize their own community run events, even if it is unlikely that the Americas audience would be aware of them due to language barriers.

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