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Shadowreaper Anduin

Surviving in the Reno Priest Metagame

A guide to beating Reno Priests in Wild including Tech Options, Best Deck Choices, Tips, and Strategy to beat the Boogeyman of the Format.

Budget Decklists

Top 6 Competitive Budget Decks in Wild

Think Wild has to be an expensive format? Well, think again! Here’s 6 “Budget” Wild Decks across 6 different classes that offer different playstyles, and are extremely competitive!

Hemet Jungle Hunter

Pilfered Power Hemet OTK – Deck Guide

An intro guide to Pilfered Power Hemet OTK. The deck features a solid early game, powerful card draw, and a flashy OTK finish. Learn about the decklist, card choices, tech options, and strategy with this deck guide.

Open the Waygate

5 Unique Decks Top Wild Players Piloted to Legend

Here’s 5 unique decks that Top Wild Players used to achieve Legend in October. If you’re looking for something a little different than the usual rotation of deck’s we’ve been seeing, this is a good place to start.