5 Unique Decks Wild Players used to hit Legend #2

Tired of the same old rotation of Decks? Here’s 5 unique decks among 5 different classes that Top Wild Players used this Month to achieve Legend Status. We’ve seen a lot of new decks and innovation in the December 2017 season as players experiment with new archetypes.


The Decklists

RenoJackson's N'zoth Hunter

Reno's N'zoth Hunter

If you never thought Secretkeeper and [N’Zoth, The Corruptor] would ever be in the deck like most sane people, than think again! RenoJackson, combined Hunter’s powerful secret package alongside a deathrattle N’zoth package in this Wild Hunter Deck. The powerful secret package includes cards like Secretkeeper, Cloaked Huntress, Mad Scientist, and Professor Putricide to get the ball rolling in the early game, while the powerful deathrattles transition you into a robust midgame for the deck. To branch these two strategies together, the deck has a surprising amount of versatility and filtering to find the pieces you need to win the game. Cards like Tracking and Stitched Tracker help you fill in the gaps in your gameplan to find exactly what you need, and Stitched Tracker allows you to get multiples of your key pieces like N’zoth, Cloaked Huntress, and more.

The deck also features Hunter’s Death Knight, Deathstalker Rexxar, adding to the deck’s staying power in the mid and late game. If you’re looking for a new and interesting way to play hunter, this deck is versatile and packs a punch and there’s still a lot of room to explore this archeytpe! Reno Jackson was able to pilot the above list to Legend in the October Season.


SkyWalker's Keleseth Buff Paladin


Keleseth Paladin


Prince Keleseth has finally made his way into paladin as a natural fit alongside the Paladin handbuff mechanic. This aggressive midrange deck features multiple buff cards like Smuggler's Run, Prince Keleseth, and even Grimestreet Enforcer to provide you with undercosted, high statted minions. The deck still runs the typical gamut of strong paladin cards like Muster for Battle and Sunkeeper Tarim. The multiple charge minions like Southsea Deckhand and Argent Horserider become potent quickly against control decks with just a couple of buffs as they provide quite a bit of reach to the deck. Alongside the charge minions are powerful on curve minions to help fight for board control with must answer threates. At the top of the curve are Loatheb, Bonemare, and The Lich King himself to help close the game quickly on your opponent.

This deck is a pretty unique take on Paladin and Skywalker was able to pilot the deck rank 6 legend on the EU server.


RenoJackson's Concede Shaman

Reno Jackson's Concede Shaman


RenoJackson continue’s to prove his deckbuilding skills each season on his climb to high legend. “Concede Shaman” is a essentially a control deck that has the ability to cheat out big minions by breaking the symmetry of the card Ancestor's Call. By playing no early game minions, Barnes and  Ancestor's Call will often put out an enormous Dragon as soon as turn 4. My personal favorite is a turn 4 Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound into Deathwing, Dragonlord, but a turn 4 Ysera will do just fine against Priest.

The rest of the deck are typical Control Shaman cards. Ancestral Knowledge and Far Sight are great card draw options. Devolve, Volcano, and Elemental Destruction are some of the most powerful AoE board clears in the game that Shaman has access to. Lightning Bolt and the nerfed Hex are still great single target removal options and Healing Wave is a near guaranteed heal 13 in this deck.

If you like crushing your opponent with board clears and enormous dragons, this is the deck for you!

RDU's Tempo Mage with Hemet

RDU's Tempo Mage


It’s always interesting to see what Pro Standard Players come up with when approaching Wild with a fresh perspective. RDU decided to play Wild in the month of November. Tempo Mage including Hemet, Jungle Hunter was one of the decks he used to hit Legend early in the season. The deck has a low curve with just a few of the most powerful early mage threats such as Mana Wyrm, Sorcerer's Apprentice, and Flamewaker. Unlike most Tempo Mage Decks that you may be used to in Wild, the deck skips the secret package all together in favor of a ton of burn spells to try and close the game. This is where Hemet, Jungle Hunter shines. After playing Hemet, the deck filters out all the bad top decks and weaker cards and keeps the powerful threats and burn spells needed to close the game out. All the late game cards in the deck fulfill the purpose of closing out the game with Fireballs, Fireland Portals, and even Pyroblast.

Ko10rino's Reno Zoo

ko10rino's Reno Zoo


Last but not least on the list, Ko10rino used a Reno Zoolock to reach high legend on Asia Servers in November. Reno Zoo is a deck that has been experimented with quite a bit in the Wild Community. With the larger cardpool in Wild, not that much is lost by playing a deck full of singleton cards. What you gain is Reno Jackson and Kazakus which are incredibly powerful in Aggressive and Midrange mirrors. Reno Jackson helps offset the lifeloss of lifetap in a deck that lacks any sort of healing and the versatility of Kazakus Potions are incredibly potent in a deck with a proactive gameplan such as this.

While this is categorized as a Zoo deck, don’t be fooled. The deck has plenty of powerful midgame and late game threats and is fully capable of going late with powerful swing turns off the back of [Krul The Unshackled] and Bloodreaver Gul'dan. It’s also incredibly difficult to play against as there are so many different cards to play around and can adapt to different situations on the fly. If you are looking for a deck that plays out differently every single game and that keeps your opponent on their feet, this is a great choice!





We’re seeing a lot of great innovation and new brews as players adapt to a Metagame that has shifted drastically since the nerfs. Priest has certainly warped the format and shown to be an incredibly powerful deck, but these 5 decks illustrate that Priest is very beatable, and that you can take advantage of a predictable metagame while still being innovative.

I hope to continue this series in the future by highlighting various unique decks that player’s have been successful with. If you have any Brews that have been performing well, I’d love to hear from you guys. Thanks for reading!


AmpLive is a regular Legend player and has been playing Heathstone since the Beta in 2013. Ever since the release of the Wild Format, he has dived deep into the format and not looked back since. He created the website WildHs.com in the hopes to grow the Wild Community and provide much needed Wild Content. His favorite decks in the history of Hearthstone are Handlock, Classic Control Warrior, or any deck involving Aviana/Kun. When he isn't playing Hearthstone, he can often be found studying, programming, and enjoying the California sunshine.

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