4 Deck Brews from Kobolds and Catacombs

With most of the spoilers for Kobolds and Catacombs released, it’s time to start brewing! As with any new set with Wild, each expansion offers enormous amount of possibility and new card combinations to explore. Kobolds and Catacombs is looking to be  a pretty powerful set with plenty of interesting cards to play around with. Here are four brews that that highlight some of the new cards and look like an interesting place to start. These decks will be rough drafts and will need tuning, but the goal is to give inspiration for players to brew their own decks with the upcoming expansion.

Deck #1: Anyfin Can Happen with Call to Arms

Anyfin Can Happen with Call To Arms

Call to Arms looks like a completely busted card. For a mere four mana, you get to draw three minions AND play them right away. While Call to Arms will likely fit into just about any Paladin deck due to its power level, the deck I’m most excited about is Anyfin Can Happen Paladin.

Call to Arms is a fantastic fit in this deck as it looks to draw quickly through its deck and stall the game. Call to Arms can hit Bluegill Warrior to accelerate Anyfin Can Happen, Loot Hoarders to draw even more cards, or cards like Dirty Rat, Righteous Protector, and Doomsayer to stall the game further.

With a more creature centric game plan, between Call to Arms, Solemn Vigil, Finja, the Flying Star, and Cult Master, it should not be difficult to rip through the deck towards the combo while fighting for board control with efficiently statted minions.

Anyfin Can Happen was already a pretty solid Wild Deck, and Call to Arms may be just what this deck needs to push it into the higher tiers.

Call to Arms

Deck Code: AAEBAZ8FBuAFqwb2B7y9AuO+ArnBAgwAigH7AdwD4wX0BacI7Q/iEdIW38QC48sCAA==

Deck #2: Tempo Mage with Aluneth and Explosive Runes

Tempo Mage with Aluneth

Explosive Runes is one of the better aggressive secrets that Blizzard has printed in a while. When Tempo Mages are playing cards like Mirror Entity, you know that they are looking for better secrets to add to their deck, and Explosive Runes seems like a great fit. In a deck as aggressive as Tempo Mage, the extra damage that Explosive Runes deals to the face is very relevant and is likely to kill just about any minion your opponent plays.

Another great tool that Tempo Mages got is the new Legendary Weapon Aluneth. In a deck full of cheap spells and minions, Aluneth provides unlimited ammo in a deck that runs out of resources fairly quickly. Aluneth is particularly potent against Midrange and Control decks to drown the opponent in card advantage.

With the addition of these two cards, I opted for a more burn heavy variant of Tempo Mage, as Explosive Runes is fairly aggressive and Aluneth helps draw into more burn to close the game.

Explosive Runes



Deck #3: Aviana Kun C’thun Zola OTK

Aviana Kun OTK

The new expansion brought a lot of shiny new toys for Druid Decks. Lesser Jasper Spellstone is cheap and efficient removal that scales as the game goes on, while Branching Path provides fantastic versatility in a combo deck being able to draw, gain a ton of armor, or give your Spreading Plague Scarabs +1/+0 against Aggro.

Cheap removal, Card Draw, Armor Gain are all things that a Aviana C’Thun decks are in need of as they struggle against aggressive decks. It doesn’t hurt that Aviana C'Thun combo decks got access to a new OTK that uses only 5 cards.

The new combo goes like this:

  1. Play Aviana.
  2. Play Kun the Forgotten King for 10 mana.
  3. Play Brann Bronzebeard.
  4. Play C'Thun for 12 Damage.
  5. Play Zola the Gorgon, copying C’thun twice from Brann.
  6. Play your 2 C’Thuns for another 24 damage for a total of 36 damage.

You have to admit, that’s a pretty sweet combo. The rest of the deck all fulfills the game plan of ramping, staying alive, drawing cards, and stalling the game.

Branching Paths
Jasper Spellstones


Deck #4: Big Demon Cheat Warlock

Big Demon Cheat Warlock

I’ll be the first to admit this deck is more of a reach with clunky cards like Possessed Lackey and Skull of the Man’Ari. That said,  this deck has a lot of powerful pieces going for it. The deck makes use of the incredible Kobold Librarian to dig for key pieces at a rapid pace. It also uses Lone Champion alongside Tar Creeper for some really powerful defensive plays on turn 3.

Of course, the fun and powerful part of the deck is cheating out Voidlords and Mal’ganis as soon as turn 5. Voidcaller has always been one of the most powerful things you can be doing as Warlock in Wild and this deck makes great use of the card. With Skull of the Man’ari and Possessed Lackey as redundancy in a deck full of big demons, ideally the deck should be able to put out an enormous demon every turn following turn 5, which seems pretty powerful! An early Mal’ganis or Voidlord should be able to stop an aggressive deck in its tracks.

At the top of the curve, this deck gets pretty greedy with both N'Zoth, the Corruptor and Bloodreaver Gul'dan as 10 drops that create an overwhelming board on the spot. N’zoth is incredibly powerful in this deck, bringing back Possessed Lackeys, Voidlords, and Voidcallers. Bloodreaver Gul’dan as usual is a fantastic finisher with the plethora of big demons in the deck. N’Zoth and Bloodreaver Gul’dan together power each other up as well since Voidlord and Voidcaller are both Demons with a powerful deathrattle.

This deck may be lacking a few pieces and be a bit too slow and clunky to make it, but it looks like a blast to play and is capable of some powerful things.

Note: Might want to wait a little bit on this one until after people stop teching Harrison Jones and Oozes after the Expansion.

Kobold LibrarianPossessed Lackey
Skull of the Man'ari
Lone Champion




Kobolds and Catacombs brings powerful new cards and interactions.  It was fun brewing with the new cards, and I hope you guys can draw some inspiration from some of these ideas. Wild is still an open format that rewards deckbuilders, so I’m excited to see what comes out from this new expansion. Who knows, maybe a refined version of one of these brews might turn out to be good enough.

What cards are you guys looking to tinker around with from Kobolds and Catacombs?


AmpLive is a regular Legend player and has been playing Heathstone since the Beta in 2013. Ever since the release of the Wild Format, he has dived deep into the format and not looked back since. He created the website WildHs.com in the hopes to grow the Wild Community and provide much needed Wild Content. His favorite decks in the history of Hearthstone are Handlock, Classic Control Warrior, or any deck involving Aviana/Kun. When he isn't playing Hearthstone, he can often be found studying, programming, and enjoying the California sunshine.

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  1. Jared T says:

    the tempo secret mage looks interesting. however, is arcane blast worth it without bloodmage thalnos? plus the burn cant go face. would firelands portal make more sense?

    i think there is a weapon rogue that could be spicy as well. i would love to see some good brews of that

    • Amplive says:

      True, maybe the 3/2 guy with spell power is worth a shot. And yeah firelands portal seems like a good include.

  2. buh says:

    I think your deck codes are incorrect or something

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