2017: Year in Review and Look Ahead for WildHS.com

As we enter a new year, I wanted to thank all of the readers and visitors of WildHS.com for a great year. We started off in September as a humble site, committed to highlighting the Wild Format and growing the Wild community. Along the way, we discovered many of the hidden gems that Wild has to offer. But first and foremost, the supportive Wild Community is what has allowed us to grow the site to where it is.

Here are some of the highlights and what we are looking forward to in 2018!

Growing the Wild Community

The greatest thing about Wild is easily the community, and it is our foremost goal to grow it in 2018.

None of this would be possible without to without you; the readers, fans, and top players of the Wild Format. I have yet to meet a community of players that are so encouraging, creative, and supportive! Thanks so much for the support which has allowed this WildHS to grow and continue to provide content.

If you have not yet, I highly encourage all of you to get involved and meet other people within our community!


The Emerging Format

Despite the enormous card pool available in Wild, the format continues to see drastic changes in the Metagame with each new expansion. Journey to Un’Goro, Knights of the Frozen Throne, and Kobolds and Catacombs have had a huge impact in spawning new archetypes and improving existing decks. Even still, the cost of the format has remained relatively stable due to the balance we’ve achieved between newer archetypes like Cubelock, which newer players can bring over to the Wild ladder to compete with ease, and older archetypes like Aggro Shaman that have remained relevant throughout the year, allowing more seasoned players to continue playing the format with little investment on new content.

We saw a few small but very important steps taken by Blizzard in both increasing accessibility to older content through the Blizzard Store, as well as the very first Official Wild Open. We hope that both Blizzard and the community will continue to push forward in promoting the Wild format, giving it the rightful treatment, attention, and respect it deserves.

With a rotation coming up in a few months, we hope the Wild community can continue to be welcoming to newer Standard players as they join us in continuing to play without giving up their favourite cards. We have a lot to look forward to in 2018 as the Metagame continues to evolve and the player base continues to expand.

Looking to 2018

Looking to 2018

Our main focus this year will be in increasing the quality, and eventually, the quantity of content that we bring the Wild community. What started as a one-man operation has quickly grown into a team of three consistent writers, who have lent their time and dedicated themselves to growing this site into what it is today. We have also had a few guest writers featured on our site, for whom we’ve provided a platform for them to express their ideas to the community at large. We are always on the lookout for more content creators to feature on our site, and you can always contact us if you are interested.

We began this site with the express goal of expanding the Wild community as a whole, and as such have worked to tailor our content towards the new players or those uninitiated in the Wild format. We began releasing a series of guides spotlighting some of the cheapest competitive options available in the format, and will continue to spotlight these types of lists moving forward. We created various resources such as some primers, multiple collections of deck brews and lists (here, here, and here), and first Wild-only Set Review in the form of an article (part 1 and part 2). We look forward to continue expanding and updating these resources for all current and future players to enjoy and learn from.

Over the year we have had time to find a structure that works for our content, and we can focus on expanding even further. With the community taking matters into their own hands, more and more unofficial Wild tournaments have been popping up over the past few months. This year we are excited to work on bringing you coverage of both unofficial and official tournaments, starting with the basics of participants, results, and more importantly decklists, and eventually expanding to deeper analysis of the more outstanding games in these tournaments.

We believe that being already very small community, we are much better sticking together rather than further splitting apart. It is our goal to become the main hub for Wild content; the place where anyone can find anything and everything they need to enjoy the Wild format.


I would be remiss to not mention the people behind the scenes that helped make everything possible.

  • Deadhour – How incredibly lucky that the first writer for the site became a good friend with great vision for what the site could be when it was in its infancy. Thanks so much for the content, ideas, and support that you bring.
  • The Guest Writers – ClickPwnHS, Gunnolf, Daboss212, Pat (Editor) – A big thanks for writing great content for the site
  • The Wild Experts, Deckbuilders, and Players that inspire us and others and help grow the community – Too many to name – Sipiwi94, RenoJackson, PoachHS, Control, GetMeowth, Roffle, ClickPwnHS, Tsukaime, ZedHS, Masinc, Haydumb, NateWolf, Eon, Cobi, Awedragon, DannyDonuts, Bananaramic, XCrouton, Capilano, and many more. We’ve said this already, but without these guys lending their time and expertise we couldn’t have gotten to where we are now. Check these guys out on Twitter!
  • You! – You guys, our readers, are what inspire and motivate us to keep writing and putting out content.

We can’t wait to bring you better content than ever before, and we hope that you stay tuned for more. Here’s to 2018!



AmpLive is a regular Legend player and has been playing Heathstone since the Beta in 2013. Ever since the release of the Wild Format, he has dived deep into the format and not looked back since. He created the website WildHs.com in the hopes to grow the Wild Community and provide much needed Wild Content. His favorite decks in the history of Hearthstone are Handlock, Classic Control Warrior, or any deck involving Aviana/Kun. When he isn't playing Hearthstone, he can often be found studying, programming, and enjoying the California sunshine.

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